What could AI-powered knowledge do for work life sustainability?

Whether you think it will enslave you or liberate you, AI is sitting in front of you now, offering to answer your emails, tell you which of your colleagues you need to talk to, or what content may be relevant to you.

Rebecka Isaksson, a keynote speaker at this year’s CILIP Conference, explains why she thinks we must continue to explore the positive potential.

Rebecka said: “I agree that it is very important to address AI responsibly and that common values and guidelines for how to use this powerful technology are needed. But that work has been ongoing for several years already and the conversation is already happening across nations and across the industry. I am not sure that pressing pause, as the letter suggested, is the best way to go because AI is already here and it is here to stay. I think the work that the UK government did, resulting in the policy report titled AI regulation: a pro-innovation approach has an important take on this, as it clearly states the need for a practical and outcome-centric approach to AI – to realise all that potential value in public services, that is so much needed in most countries.”

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