Pt. 1 | Library futures: improve your futures literacy and practice using scenarios (two-part workshop)

15:00 - 15:45

Futures Literacy is an essential skill for everyone: understanding trends, using scenarios and thinking about the future as multiple possibilities. That’s why CILIP commissioned Future Libraries: Come rain or shine; a two-part initiative that will challenge and engage Librarians and library leaders to reimagine libraries in a world of climate change, population shift and digital advancement. The Future Libraries project is comprised of ‘Come rain or shine: Preparing public libraries for the future in an age of uncertainty’ and ‘Future Libraries Toolkit’ that contains the practical framework for your library to scan the horizon for strategic and agile thinking. This two-part workshop is delivered by the creators of Future Libraries and provides an introduction to futures literacy. This first session explains the concept of futures literacy followed by a practical exercise to create your own scenarios. The second session is a practical exercise using scenarios to test how resilient your own library service is to uncertainty. Please note that delegates may attend one or both parts of the workshop (each session works as a standalone training in its own right).