Cutting through the hype – will AI deliver in the workplace?

The launch of Open AI’s ChatGPT has put AI in the public consciousness
like never before. But for professionals working with knowledge and information, Generative AI is something of an enigma – bringing opportunity and concerns. In the June issue of Information Professional Magazine, researcher In Digital Education at the University of Manchester Mark Carrigan speaks to Rob Green about what we should be thinking about.

“I’m interested in how we develop a purposeful, deliberate relationship with new
technologies – how do we do that socially and organisationally?”

Mark Carrigan, Researcher In Digital Education at the University of Manchester

AI Stream

This year’s conference features a specialist AI stream, with three sessions dedicated to exploring its many challenges and opportunities. Join us for:

Rebecca Isaksson’s opening keynote address Driving business value through AI-powered Knowledge Management, in which she’ll be exploring how technology can help create successful hybrid work models; how knowledge management helps to create a hybrid work model; and why AI-powered solutions enhance knowledge-sharing and growth.

Our AI & Data panel, chaired by Dr Andrew Cox, which will explore how to embed AI into organisational strategy, with a specific look at the use of AI tools in research and knowledge management.

And Dr Mark Carrigan’s insights on Generative AI and the future of universities. As a leading Educational Technologist, Dr Mark Carrigan will explore the landscape of generative AI and what this means for librarians and information specialists in Higher Education.

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