Your career: TRUE Leadership: Understanding your leadership potential

Wednesday 3rd July, 14.20

Room 1.218

Everyone has incredible leadership potential; thanks to the amazing combination of skills, knowledge, and experience we all have. This workshop will begin to explore some of what makes us unique and how we can all be effective leaders by utilising our strengths and staying true to ourselves. The workshop will be interactive in style, utilising practical exercises, personal reflection and group discussions to support learning.

Jo Walley, Coach and learning facilitator, Jo Walley Coaching

Jo is an energetic, curious, open-minded learning facilitator driven by a desire to help people develop. She supports others’ personal and professional development to empower them to lead a fulfilling life. Jo spent over ten years working in the library and information sector before moving to self-employment to focus her energy on learning development through coaching and training. She has delivered over 100 workshops, training sessions and webinars; facilitated five leadership development programmes and has over 150 hours of coaching experience.