The secret online lives of teenagers – How adolescents seek information using social media

Tuesday, 12 July 2016 | Future of Libraries Briefing

This session challenges myths and assumptions about so-called ‘digital natives’. Key findings from a recent 2016 qualitative big data study examining the information behaviour of aspiring undergraduates demonstrate that just because adolescents have the digital world at their fingertips, this doesn’t mean that they can use it effectively!

Dodd, LauraLara Dodd, PhD Student, Northumbria University

Lara Dodd is currently an information science student pursuing her PhD under the direction of Dr Geoff Walton and Dr Morgan Harvey at Northumbria University in Newcastle. Currently in her second year Lara is examining the information behaviour of aspiring undergraduates, employing a qualitative big data methodology to capture evidence from prospective students via Twitter.

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