RDA, ISNIs and linked data

Wednesday 3rd July, 16.10

Room 4.205

The International Standard Name Identifier: ISNIs in Publishing, Cataloguing and the Library Supply Chain

The presentation by Tim Devenport and Andrew MacEwan will give an introduction to the ISNI system and Member network and describe how the ISNI is linking library authority files with publisher supply chain metadata across multiple content industries. A case study will show how the use of ISNI in the British Library’s metadata opens up new opportunities for collaboration with the book publishing industry.

Tim Devenport, Executive Director, ISNI International Agency and EDItEUR

Tim is with the international standards organization EDItEUR and since 2016 has been Executive Director of the ISNI International Agency.  With a background including senior management, business consultancy and project management, Tim has provided expert help to EDItEUR and its membership for many years.  He has worked with many of the major academic and business publishers, including Nature Publishing Group, Palgrave Macmillan, Thomson and Elsevier.  In his role with ISNI, he works to encourage the wider adoption of the ISNI name identifier across many areas, notably the library community, publishers and rights management organizations and more recently the music industry.


Andrew MacEwan, Head of Content & Metadata Processing, The British Library
As Head of Content and Metadata Processing at the British library, Andrew has responsibility for the acquisition and cataloguing processes for all of the Library’s digital and print collections received on legal deposit. He joined the Library in 1987 and has worked in a variety of roles across the library’s technical services departments. Internationally he has worked on a number of library working groups on name and subject authority control standards and is a member of the Policy Committee of the Program For Cooperative Cataloging. Since 2010 he has served on the Board of the ISNI International Agency representing one of the Founding Members, The Conference of European National Librarians.

CILIP Conference – Diffusion of ISNIs into book supply chain metadata – Andrew Macewan from CILIP


The Treasure Island of RDA

Using the case study of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Jenny will explain the theory and methodology of cataloguing using the RDA guidelines. The advantages of RDA as a cataloguing standard are made clear, with practical evidence.

Jenny Wright, Chief Metadata Officer, Bibliographic Data Services

Jenny is the Chief Metadata Officer at BDS. She has worked for over 25 years as a cataloguer and is also an experienced trainer. She is a member of the Cataloguing and Indexing Group Committee, IFLA’s Cataloguing Section Committee, the European RDA Interest Group, and the BIC Library Metadata Group, and current Chair of the UK Committee on RDA.


Library Metadata Evolution: The Final Mile?

Bibliographic metadata forms have evolved over centuries, the last 50 years in machine readable formats. The library community appears to be evolving from records, towards describing real-world entities using an agreed form of linked data. Is that step a step far enough to satisfy the ever-present need to aid discovery? Discovery in the environment of the approaching twenty first century’s 3rd decade. Or do we need to include a move into the landscape of globally understood structured data and knowledge graphs? the millennial environment of answer engines, mobile/local search and voice assistants.

Richard Wallis, Independent Consultant, Data Liberate

Richard is an independent innovative thought leader, evangelist and consultant for linked, open, structured and actionable data, Schema.org and its pragmatic application to the real world on the web and in the enterprise. He is at the heart of the development of the Schema.org vocabulary that is driving massive growth in structured data sharing on the web underpinning significant advances such as voice search, semantic search, and knowledge graphs. He is also a speaker with a global reputation for insightful, thought provoking yet understandable, and entertaining keynote sessions at major data, web, SEO, semantic web, and library focused conferences and events.


Session Chair: Jane Daniels, Bibliographical Librarian, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Jane is Chair of the CILIP Cataloguing and Indexing Group & is currently Bibliographical Librarian at Cardiff Metropolitan University. She has been a subject librarian; worked in Technical Services in a public library authority and was the librarian for a local government Planning Department. She started her professional life working in medical libraries after graduating from the College of Librarianship Wales, Aberystwyth.