Knowledge and information management seminar

11.40 – Wednesday 5th July

Equipping today’s knowledge & information manager for tomorrow

With some knowledge and Information Management Professionals now earning in excess of US $100k, the role is increasingly seen as being an essential multi-faceted function. Yet, as the spectre of artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality looms large and with the imminent release of a set of KM Standards by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) today’s knowledge manager is facing a complex and challenging future. This presentation, drawing on Paul’s recent publications, “Navigating the Minefield: A Practical KM Companion’“ and “Knowledge Management Matters:Words of Wisdom from Leading Practitioners”, will look at these challenges and how KIM’ers might address them.

Paul J. Corney,  Managing Partner, Knowledge et al
Paul came to knowledge management while working in the City of London in the mid 1990s. He is the founder of knowledge et al, a UK-based KM consultancy and former Managing Partner of Sparknow LLP.  Paul is an experienced practitioner, presenter, masterclass leader and lecturer; he chairs international KM conferences, is a visiting lecturer on knowledge and innovation management at the University of Brighton. A knowledge & information management Ambassador for CILIP, Paul is also a member of the British Standards Institute KM Standards committee working on the ISO KM Standard.

Key initiatives in the K&IM portfolio

Stephen will provide an update on the work of the recently formed Knowledge & Information Management SIG.  He will provide additional insights into the new Chartered Knowledge Manager accreditation programme and work currently in hand to revisit the 1994 Hawley report, entitled “Information as an Asset: the new board agenda”.

Stephen Phillips, Global Head of Business Information Services, Morgan Stanley
Stephen believes effective  information management is essential for the modern organisation to optimise its operations and differentiate itself from its competitors. He is a passionate advocate for the profession in the private sector, encouraging professionals to take a commercial, entrepreneurial approach to their operations to ensure their continued relevance. He and his management team maintain an extensive information management function, providing comprehensive capabilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week from eight locations around the world, from Tokyo to California.


The impact of AI on an information team

AI is a hot topic that is becoming a reality in many law firms (and other organisations).  Implementing AI has an impact on the working practices of information professionals both on what they do now and in how they prepare for the future.

CJ Anderson, Head of Information & Research, Linklaters

CJ Anderson is the Head of Information and Research at Linklaters. She qualified as a librarian in 1996 and worked as an information professional in several sectors (public, civil service and pharmaceutical) before joining Linklaters in 2001 as an information advisor in a practice and then leading I&R for a global division. In her current position, CJ has developed and led a truly global team, working across offices on a regular basis. CJ became a chartered member of CILIP in 2000 and is a passionate advocate for the professional development of Linklaters’ I&R teams. She believes in working smarter, not harder, with a focus on self-service desktop products and exploiting overlaps with other teams to provide streamlined information and research solutions.


Session Chair: Denise Carter, Director, DCision Consult
Denise is Chair of the Knowledge & Information Management Group. She is an independent consultant working with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to provide trusted and quality desk research and analysis that supports competitive intelligence activities.