Knowing your value workshop

14.15 – Thursday 5 July

Knowing your value: alternative income opportunities

Do you know the commercial value of your organisation? Where will your alternative revenues come from? Learn how to identify and develop commercial opportunities to generate alternative income, sustain growth and drive growth and impact.

Using a practical approach and supporting case studies, we will share ways to realise the value of your ‘untapped assets’ including data, research, and expertise. We will explore how reach, content, channel, digital, social and learning based business to business partnerships can drive engagement, generate revenues and enable change for your organisation.

We will examine the power of commercial partnerships and how the right relationships can help you achieve your business objectives, including how to secure the ‘right’ partners for your organisation. There will also be an opportunity to explore your ideas for commercialisation and formulate a development plan.

Alison and her team are keen to hear from you prior to the session. If you are planning to attend, email: Alison Heppenstall at with the following information:

• What do you see as the biggest untapped (new income generating) opportunity for you
• What are the biggest challenges facing you from developing these opportunities to create new income generation. What are the blockers?


Alison Heppenstall, Founder and Managing Director, b2b partnerships Ltd
b2b partnerships is a specialist organisation focused on supporting the business and commercial development of independent, professional membership and trade organisations.b2b has worked with some of the world’s leading independents and not-for-profits to help them harness their potential, grow & generate income. Clients include; British Chambers of Commerce, CIPD, Carbon Trust, CIPS, AAT, Institute of Leadership & Management and BIFM. b2b also works with some of the world’s most innovative, ethical and sustainable brands to help them reach a variety of professional groups, decision makers and influencers.

Prior to founding b2b partnerships, Ali managed CIMA’s commercial routes to market and established ICAEW’s in-house commercial initiatives function. A frequent traveller, Ali is passionate about partnerships and how the right relationship can help an organisation grow.