K&IM in Government

Thursday 4th July, 10.25

Room 1.219

Tales from the field

What does a Knowledge Manager do?  Derek will present a series of situations that he has encountered over the past three years. The discussion that he hopes to generate will centre around whether there are knowledge management problems, information management problems, records management problems or business management problems.

Dr Derek Shaw – DES Tech Office IKM, Ministry of Defence, Defence Equipment and Support

Derek is an accomplished information and knowledge management leader with a PhD in Social Anthropology from Cranfield Defence and Security where he is now a visiting fellow. His research showed why DE&S should be considered as a tribal organisation. He has a publication record which includes NATO reports and he has an extensive background of experience within the defence sector. He possesses expertise in information and knowledge management theory and pragmatic application of theory to practice as a working KIM lead in DE&S.  He implements and facilitates lessons learned to save costs, minimise risk and improve processes.  His particular interests are in organisational learning, corporate memory, both tacit and explicit. He is recognised as an influential leader who is keen to engage staff and willing to share best practices.  He is an advocate for continuous improvement and positive change, with strategic, tactical and operational experience.

Outside work his interests are leading a ceilidh band, writing music, gardening, walking  and family life.


Knowledge Management in the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Dstl is the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl).  The laboratory must maintain the expertise and knowledge of its staff to ensure it is capable of delivering scientific and technological advice for the defence and security of the UK.  This presentation will introduce the work of Dstl and outline some of the issues which the laboratory faces and approaches to mitigating the issues. Issues which will be discussed will include; maintaining knowledge in the face of retirement, understanding the value of the knowledge and  information assets held by the laboratory, and the challenges of managing knowledge and information when working across multiple IT systems.

Dr Dominic Davies – DSTL Knowledge Management Lead, Ministry of Defence

Dominic was originally a Research Chemist before changing career to work in Knowledge Management at Dstl.  He has held a variety of roles in KM including; KM support to research projects, team  and group leader for KM teams and is now Dstl’s fellow of knowledge and information management systems. In this role he is responsible for setting the strategic direction and plans for KM improvement in the laboratory.


The Wizard of Smart and the Digital Brick Road

In the MOD and wider Government we continue to wrestle with demand for support to teams that want to exploit the latest technology but are often constrained by infrastructure or simple misconceptions. This presentation provides some context to how we can manage expectations and influence the corporate culture more effectively.

Larry Mount – IM & IT Lead, Defence Equipment and Support, Ministry of Defence

Larry is a graduate of Business Studies and Business Information Technology, and post-graduate in HR. 25 years + experience of IT through database development for training systems, international relations and Quality Assurance using SQL, VBA, Ruby and SharePoint. He has been an Information Manager for over 11 years in MOD. He has been the co-host of #DigiBlogChat on Twitter for four years covering digital interest topics ranging from blogging to intellectual property rights.


Chair: Rebecca Dorsett, Senior Knowledge and Information Manager, Defence Equipment and Support, Ministry of Defence

Rebecca has previously worked in public libraries, health Libraries and further education libraries before venturing over to become an information professional within the Ministry of Defence. She has also worked as a Lead Information Specialist within the private sector of the defence industry.

Her current role is within Defence Equipment & Support as a Senior Knowledge and Information Manager where she has worked in areas such as equipment project teams, defence air safety and quality assurance. She is also the current Chair of the CILIP Government Information Group.