KM and the ISO Standard

Thursday 4th July, 14.10

Room 4.205

Food for thought – from a brand new kitchen

Chris takes us a metaphorical romp through ISO 30401 using the medium of restaurants, chefs, staff, ingredients, food critics and restauranteurs.

What is the new ‘kitchen’ that the new standard provides us with, and how can we cook something to delight our organisations? Drawing on his new book, ‘The KM Cookbook’ (Facet Publishing), he will introduce the ‘KM Chef’s canvas’ (57 varieties of question than an ISO Auditor could ask) and then bring this framework to life with some inspirational ‘dishes of the day’, prepared by KM Chefs from around the world.

Chris Collison, Consultant and Bestselling Author, KM and Organisational Learning, Knowledgeable Ltdnt

Chris is a well-known management consultant and business author with 22 years of experience in knowledge management and organisational learning.
His corporate experience comes from long careers in BP and Centrica, working on all aspects of knowledge-sharing, organisational learning and communities of practice.
He is co-author of the best-selling business book “Learning to Fly”, “No More Consultants” and “The KM Cookbook”.
He had the privilege of advising over 140 organizations around the world, ranging from the World Bank to the International Olympic Committee and ten UK Government departments.
Chris teaches the Advanced KM Course at Henley Business School and is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.


Fractious, Fickle and Forgetful: Why We Need a Knowledge Management Standard

The discipline of knowledge management is a poor representative of the ideals that it serves. Since its rise to prominence in the 1990s, it has displayed a strong silo-mentality with multiple competing languages and schools of thought, it is chronically forgetful of its own past, and it is better at chasing new fads than it is at consolidating its own collective knowledge. In this session Patrick will lay out the benefits of having a common, internationally recognised standard for the profession, notwithstanding the limitations of the standard itself.

Patrick Lambe, Principal Consultant, Straits Knowledge

Patrick is a globally recognised knowledge management practitioner, who was originally trained in Information and Library Science and worked in academic and special libraries in the UK before moving to Singapore in 1991. He arrived in KM via a second career in training and development, and currently divides his time between Singapore and Ireland. Patrick is the author of Organising Knowledge: Taxonomies, Knowledge and Organisation Effectiveness (Oxford: Chandos 2007), and co-author with Nick Milton of The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook 2nd edition (London: Kogan Page 2019). He is currently working on a book about knowledge auditing. Patrick is Visiting Professor in the KIM PhD programme at Bangkok University, President of the International Society for Knowledge Organization Singapore Chapter and a member of the editorial advisory boards of the Journal of Knowledge ManagementKnowledge Management For Development Journal, and Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation. Patrick is a member of CILIP’s advisory board for the development of a chartership programme for knowledge managers.

From the horse’s mouth: an insider guide to the KM standard

The KM standard has been welcomed by some, criticised by others and has generated quite a few questions. How can KM be standardised? Does the standard cover different schools of thought? Why is it so much like the quality standard? Which parts of the standard are actually about KM? Is it worth buying a copy? In this session Judy will answer these questions and explain exactly what the standard is, what it isn’t, and how it can be used. The session will include stories from the development of the standard, which was a KM exercise in itself.

Judy Payne, Director, Hemdean Consulting

Judy is a knowledge and learning consultant, educator and researcher with a focus on bridging gaps between academia and practice. She has been involved in knowledge management since 1991 and is on a mission to bust the many myths that surround the subject and help people understand how to manage knowledge so that it creates value.

Judy is Chair of the BSI KM Committee and a member of the ISO KM working group that developed ISO 30401. She has contributed to many knowledge management and organisational learning publications and has co-written Managing knowledge in project environments published by Routledge in June 2019.

Chair: Karen McFarlane CMG FCLIP, CILIP Trustee

Karen is an independent knowledge and information management professional. She has extensive experience of operating at senior levels in knowledge and information management in the UK government sector. She was formally Government Head of Profession for Knowledge and Information Management.  She was a founding member of the Government’s Knowledge Council and chaired the Council for 2 years.

She is a Fellow of CILIP, a CILIP Trustee and member of CILIP’s KM Chartership Project Board. She also represents CILIP on BSI’s Knowledge Management Systems Committee.

She was awarded a CMG in 2013 for services to knowledge and information management. <