Information as an Asset Panel

Wednesday 3 July, 16.10

Room 2.219

The Changing Role of the CIO

Gone are the days (mostly!) where the CIO of an organisation is merely the highest paid technologist. This presentation will explore the role of CIO as change facilitator, business champion, translator, learner and educator from the mouth of a self-confessed imposter!Drawing on the perspectives of boards, staff and informaticians we’ll explore how the CIO will continue to change as digital becomes simply ‘what we do’.

James Freed, Chief Information Officer, Health Education England

James’ career has taken him through Cancer Research, Change Management and Standards development. As well as being a CIO, he is currently the Director of a Programme responsible for delivering digital readiness all staff working in Health and Care in England. In 2017 James was voted by peers as one of the top 100 influencers globally in Health IT as part of the #HIT100 twitter campaign. Some of his closest friends are librarians.


Running the Knowledge Marathon

Making information management a board level agenda item in a large organisation is a complex and varied challenge. As a leader of the knowledge programme for one of the Big 4 accountancy firms Oliver has turned to many diverse areas for inspiration on how this challenge can be tackled – one of these is his passion for running. He will take us through some of the approaches he uses and some of the lessons he has learnt along the way to give some ideas on how we might tackle our own personal marathons.

Oliver Rolfe, Head of Knowledge, KPMG LLP

Oliver Rolfe has been with KPMG for 17 years in a number of roles in the knowledge, technology and information risk area. After leading the UK’s firm internal Information Protection group for the past three years he returned to the knowledge management space last year to lead the knowledge team and programme for the UK firm.


Information as an Asset – Today’s Board Agenda: the value of rediscovering gold

Today’s organisations are information driven. As a critical and strategic asset, management of information requires leadership and action at Board level. In February 2019, a consortium of CILIP, KPMG, CIO Connect, and IK SpringBoard (supported by the Network for Information and Knowledge Exchange) published “Information as an Asset – Today’s Board Agenda”. This reinforces Board responsibilities for leading their organisation’s information vision, strategy, policies and governance.  It is intended as a wake up call and updates the pivotal Hawley report (1995) with its agenda for Board action, highly relevant to today. Hence, its subtitle: ‘rediscovering gold’.

Dr Sandra Ward, Principal Consultant , Beaworthy Consulting

Sandra Ward specialises in transforming organisations by optimizing their exploitation of information and staff’s knowledge and expertise.  A PhD chemist, her entire career has been spent in managing information and knowledge, initially for R&D with Wellcome, Glaxo, and Glaxo Wellcome, then TFPL, where she directed consultancy and training, before going solo. A passionate K&IM professional, she has worked to ensure the commitment of CILIP to this agenda. She was Chair of CILIP’s Council and President of the Institute of Information Scientists (IIS), joint editor of Business Information Review, awarded an Hon FCLIP, and is contributing to compiling the history of IIS.

Chair: Nick Poole, CEO CILIP

Nick became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CILIP on 22 June 2015. Nick was previously CEO of the Collections Trust, where he was responsible for developing UK and international standards for information management, advising on digital programmes and leading partnership initiatives with a range of leading digital companies. Nick was elected to the Board of Wikimedia UK on 25 July 2015. He is former Chair of the Europeana Network and provided representation to the European Commission on culture and technology policy. Prior to joining the Collections Trust in 2005, Nick held a number of roles at the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA), including responsibility for Regional policy development and as a National ICT Adviser. Nick is currently Chair of BIC Ltd, the book industry supply chain organisation.