Global vision

15.35 – Wednesday 4th July


 IFLA – Global Vision for libraries

The challenges facing the library field from ever-increasing globalisation can only be met and overcome by an inclusive, global response from a united library field. This is why IFLA has engaged thousands of librarians and library friends in IFLA’s Global Vision discussion – a venture that will generate a united library field roadmap for the future. There has never been such an initiative before, which gives every single librarian in the world the chance to contribute. With feedback and input from 213 countries, IFLA is already on the way to create this Global Vision, powering literate, informed and participative societies.

Barbara Lison, Treasurer of IFLA

For more than 25 years Barbara Lison has been working as Director of the Public Library Service of Bremen. She is an educated librarian with a degree in Slavonic Studies and History. Besides her director duties in Bremen, Barbara has been actively networking and advocating for libraries on national and international levels. She has held several offices in different library-related associations and is currently the Chair of the German Library Association. Several times since 1997 she has been a member and also Vice-President of the EBLIDA Executive Board. Between 2011 and 2015 Barbara served as an elected member of IFLA’s Governing Board. She was re-elected for 2017-2019 and is now IFLA’s Treasurer.