The Future of Libraries Briefing

11.25, Wednesday 5th July


Rethinking Libraries – workshop run by Arup

Libraries are undergoing a renaissance, in terms of the social infrastructure they provide and the services they offer. Increasingly functioning as a catalyst for community cohesion and wellbeing, libraries are evolving into hubs for education, health, entertainment and work. The key function of libraries, to support lifelong learning and building stronger communities, aligns closely with Arup’s own drive to deliver a social purpose in its building, planning and consulting work. This workshop will examine key trends relevant to the future of libraries and analyse their implications on design, user experience and operation of libraries.


Julian Diamond, Associate Director, Information Management, Arup

Julian Diamond has worked at Arup for over 30 years. He has led the Information Management Group, which sits within the Arup University, for over 15 years and which comprises a technical library, a photo library, Arup’s global intranet management and support team and its Project Records Management team.

Julian was instrumental in the creation and development of an innovative, globally networked project database combining a free text and a highly structured keyword data retrieval system. He has overseen the implementation of a range of services to meet the firm’s growing information needs and supporting metrics that have enabled the Group to demonstrate the value it brings to the firm in an increasingly cost-restrained operating environment.

Marcus Morrell, Associate, Foresight + Research + Innovation, Arup
Marcus works with the Foresight team to help clients anticipate and manage uncertainty by exploring medium and long term futures with a focus on strategy, foresight and innovation. Project management, workshop design and facilitation are a core part of his work. He has designed and facilitated many events for a wide range of clients both within Arup and externally.Marcus has delivered projects and seminars and workshops for clients including the World Bank, World Economic Forum, C40, TED Global, Mitsui & Co. Ltd, Gatwick Airport Ltd, IBM, InterContinental Hotels and Resorts, Grosvenor, the Co-operative Group and the Institution of Civil Engineers.
Elisa Magnini, Analyst, Foresight + Research + Innovation, Arup

Elisa joined Arup’s Foresight team in 2013 and is responsible for developing and delivering internal and external projects. She collaborates with the team in the design of market-specific trend reports, visions, scenarios, innovation processes, stakeholder workshops and exhibitions.

Elisa has a background in design and narrative environments, and she developed a specific interest in user experience, community engagement, and socio-economic implications of spatial design. Her work helps collaborators and clients understand the multitude of contingent scenarios and open-ended systems that are likely to influence their future.

Twitter handle @arupforesight