Equalities Workshop

15.10 – Thursday 6th July

Diversity & Equality Workshop

This practical session will look at the importance of equality and diversity to all library and information sectors. There will be a brief introduction to the Equality Act 2010 and its implications for our sector; a discussion of some current issues around equality & diversity; and the Workshop will then explore practical ways of ensuring that equality and diversity are reflected in your work.

John Vincent, Networker, The Network – tackling social exclusion

John Vincent has worked in the public sector since the 1960s, primarily for Hertfordshire, Lambeth and Enfield library services. In 1997, he was invited to become part of the team that produced the UK’s first review of public libraries and social exclusion (from which The Network originated).

John now runs courses and lectures, writes, produces regular newsletters and ebulletins, and lobbies for greater awareness of the role that libraries, archives, museums, and the cultural & heritage sector play in contributing to social justice.  He is particularly interested in supporting the work that libraries do with young people in care, with LGBT people, and with ‘new arrivals’ to the UK.

In September 2010, the book he co-authored with John Pateman, Public libraries and social justice, was published by Routledge; and, in January 2014, he published LGBT people and the UK cultural sector (also published by Routledge). In February 2014, John was given a CILIP CDEG Special Diversity Award, and, in September, he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of CILIP.