Data Behaviour

Wednesday 3 July


Getting ready for data and AI: the role of a Data Librarian

Data are an asset in information discovery for libraries and artificial intelligence is a means of making librarians and patrons of libraries information literate alike.

Data collection and management is not a new trend, but new technologies have greatly improved the opportunities to collect, store, and analyse customer data and personal information. The current state of art for artificial general intelligence (AGI) is far from utopia, but machine learning has come a long way. The multitude of mobile devices, internet-connected devices, and applications has drastically increased opportunities for data collection. Artificial intelligence (AI) could become an invaluable tool for organizing and making accessible large collections of information.

Stephan Hollaender, Scientific Information Specialist, Senior Lecturer (and Company Owner)

Stephan Hollaender has studied law and information science in Switzerland and Germany. He was active as information specialist, librarian and archivist in different areas, ranging from the pharmaceutical industry to the press and banking. He is a senior lecturer at the universities of applied science in Geneva and Chur. He has contributed to books on Swiss Copyright Law in libraries and Records Management and regularly contributes articles for library journals in Switzerland and Germany. As a member, he is active in both associations as an archivist (VSA) and as a librarian (Bibliosuisse) of Switzerland. He has been independent since 2004 and has his own consultancy, which has realised projects in Switzerland, France and Germany.


Do you trust your data? Does your data trust you?

The world runs on data, or tries to, yet often organisations waste time and money dealing with the consequences of poor data. Poor data quality is, at heart, a people issue – not providing the right data, storing it in interesting places or not using it at all. So, do you trust your data? If your data was sentient, would it trust you to look after it?

This presentation will explore the nature of the data asset, consider how organisations use and process data, generic behaviours relating to data illustrated by the ‘Data Zoo’ concept and what you can do to improve things.

Julian Schwarzenbach Director, Data and Process Advantage Limited

Julian is a data evangelist with over 25 years’ experience in data management in a variety of contexts including water, rail, highways and petrochemicals. He is the originator of the Data Zoo concept, a unique exploration of the different generic behaviours people exhibit towards data and what drives these behaviours and regularly presents at conferences on data related topics. Julian is also Chair of the BCS Data Management Specialist Group and is a member of the BSI B/555, AMT/4 and MBD/1 committees covering standards development relating to data.



Chair: Caroline Carruthers, Chief Executive, Carruthers and Jackson

Caroline Carruthers was the first Group Director for Data Management for the Lowell Group and was the first Chief Data Officer for Network Rail. She has been a data cheerleader for more years than she can remember, and is a strong advocate of getting the basics right, and as such she adheres to the KISS principle (Keep it Simple, Stupid) in her approach to even the most complex issues. She is passionate about technology, and as a trustee for CILIP, she champions a growing professionalism of data and information-related disciplines so we can achieve ‘data nirvana’ a bit quicker.