Better information behaviour

Thursday 4th July, 14.10

Room 1.219

Encouraging good knowledge behaviour

In this talk Katharine Schopflin, co-author of Facet’s recent ‘Practical Knowledge and Information Management’ discusses the barriers to good knowledge and information management and what you can do to try and encourage best practice.

Dr Katharine Schopflin, Information Governance Lead, London Borough of Hackney

Katharine is currently part of the information management team at London Borough of Hackney. She has more than 20 years’ experience in a range of roles and practised knowledge management in the government, non-profit and commercial sectors. ‘Practical Knowledge and Information Management’,  published in 2019, is her third book for Facet Publishing.

Better Information Behaviour in G Suite

Tom will discuss the practical experience and some of the considerations involved in incorporating Google productivity tools into the information management tool set. This will explore the thinking behind transitioning between two very different models of information management, including:

● Discovery through a pilot phase
● Reconciling differences, and practical approaches
● What we’ve done since
● What we’d like to do next
● How compliant can we be in the new world?

Tom Midgley, Records Management Lead, London Borough of Hackney

Tom has worked in a variety of archives, records management and KIM roles for over 10 years, chiefly in the heritage and public sectors. He is currently Records Management Lead at the London Borough of Hackney.

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