AI, automation and the future

10.50 – Thursday 5th July

Artificial Intelligence (AI): What is it exactly & where do information professionals fit in this potential new world?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, machine learning, data trusts, data portability, data lakes, are just a few of the buzz words that seem to be everywhere at the moment. What do they all really mean and are they just hype or a reality? And where, how, and why do information professionals fit into the new world order than AI and machine learning are heralding? This presentation will attempt to provide some context, some possible answers but also maybe more critically some of the questions information professionals should be asking right now.

Denise Carter, Director, DCision Consult

Denise is Managing Director of DCision Consult, an independent consultant working with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to provide trusted and quality desk research and analysis that supports competitive intelligence activities.  She is also Chair of Knowledge & Information Management SIG.

Today and tomorrow: preparing for our digital future

What do advances in artificial intelligence (AI), digital medicine and genomics mean for clinical roles and functions? What are the implications for the selection, education and training of healthcare staff? As Topol Review Programme Manager, Sue Lacey Bryant is managing a fast-paced independent technology review commissioned by the Secretary of State for Health and Care to address these questions. Led by Dr Eric Topol, Scripps Research Institute, the review is facilitated by Health Education England. This exciting work invites obvious questions that this presentation will consider: What does AI and automation mean for the future of our profession in a digital world? How shall we prepare?

Sue Lacey-Bryant, Topol Review Programme Manager and Senior Advisor, Knowledge for Healthcare, Health Education England

Sue Lacey Bryant enjoys a portfolio career, committed to improving the quality of healthcare. As Topol Review Programme Manager, Sue draws on every strand of her skills and experience, working with senior stakeholders, team management, programme management and more. Sue leads the implementation of Health Education England’s development framework for NHS libraries. She has wide-ranging experience of innovative roles in health information, knowledge management and e-learning gained in the NHS, freelance and with Formerly a CCG Director, Sue is an executive coach and a quality improvement facilitator. She serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Health Information and Libraries Journal.



Chair: Nick Poole, Chief Executive Officer, CILIP
Nick became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CILIP on 22 June 2015. Nick was previously CEO of the Collections Trust and was responsible for the strategic direction and management of the organisation. In this role, Nick has been responsible for developing UK and international standards for information management, advising agencies on digital programmes and leading partnership initiatives with a range of leading digital companies.

Nick was elected to the Board of Wikimedia UK on 25 July 2015. He is former Chair of the Europeana Network and provided representation to the European Commission. Prior to joining the Collections Trust in 2005, Nick held a number of roles at the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA), including responsibility for Regional policy development and as a National ICT Adviser. In addition to his role within CILIP, Nick is a former Councillor of the Museums Association and the former Chair of the UK part of the International Council of Museums.